Library Policies


The library uses no physical card for borrowing privileges. Materials are loaned for 3 weeks. There is no limit to the number of loans, however if the material is requested by another you will be notified that there is a hold.

“Overdues” appear as a printed notice that are put in school mailboxes after the 4th week from the loan date from the library (including school vacations). These are printed each Tuesday afternoon and placed in the boxes Wednesday or Thursday each week.

Ideally, patrons come to the library to renew. Items can be renewed for another 2 weeks if there is no hold on it for another person. Multiple renewals are allowed.

If you must contact the library about having lost a book, etc. email not a personal e-mail to explain the situation. The director will then contact you with a reply. A small late fee may be assigned to the bill for the multiple billings.

No fines are charged– however after 2 printed overdue notices a new one will appear in the school mailbox that has the initial due date and a projected billing date stamped on the notice. It informs you when billing will occur.

If you do not inform the librarians about the situation then (a total of 6 or so weeks after due date), a replacement cost for the item is placed on a student’s bill by the billing office for your parent or guardian to pay. A small fee may be applied to cover the multiple notifications.

So please contact us in person or by


Portsmouth Abbey School complies with the LORI Interlibrary Loan Code. Communication can be made at

The library is not open from May 25 to Sept 15. No loaning will take place and all items must be returned by the close of school. The school calendar with its vacation schedule of winter and spring vacation weeks off is used to determine when requests are acknowledged.

All requests and patron information are considered confidential.

Request by Portsmouth Abbey Library to Outside Lenders

Faculty and students may request a Portsmouth Abbey Library “ILL request form” for use of the Library Director to initiate an electronic request to borrow an item from an appropriate LORI library.

Request to Portsmouth Abbey Library from Others for Items

Circulating materials may be loaned to persons outside the “community” of Students, Faculty, and Staff with a loan to a public library card holder’s home library for instate loans. Out of state loans to colleges, or to individuals can be made directly through the Library Director.

Loan Periods for In and Out of State borrowers –

Books: 3 weeks with 2 renewals possible if no holds at Library Director’s discretion.

DVDs , CDs : 3 week with no renewals possible if no holds at Library Director’s discretion

Patrons are responsible for all late fees and damage or replacement costs according to the price set in the item’s catalog record communicated by the Library Director.

As our mission is to support the needs and curriculum of our school community and due to a 6-school day a week schedule and security issues, we are not open to the public for use of the facilities or equipment.

We do not provide research personnel.

Monastery Library items do not circulate. They are indicated in the catalog with the call # designation ooo.

Other designations, such as REF, multi volume sets, DESK COPY, etc. do not circulate.

Electronic resources are designated as available to the community only (usually by password).

New items purchased in the prior 9 months or in high demand do not circulate.

Some short articles from serials will be scanned and emailed for an outside patron, books will not.

Portsmouth Abbey School Library has the discretion to decide on an individual basis whether a specific item can be provided for interlibrary loan