Fall 2019- Napkin Folding

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Just before Thanksgiving break, the library displayed seasonally-colored napkins and instructions for folding them. Among the styles offered were a turkey fantail, simple silverware pocket, and decorative rose. Students were encouraged to try folding the various shapes. Maybe a few of them used this newly learned skill at home! ( MFV)

Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers

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To celebrate the school’s production of “Treasure Island,” the library is showcasing works about pirates! Black and white flags representing five notorious pirates are featured on shelves. Books, movies, and a detailed description of the differences between pirates, privateers and buccaneers are also on display. In the spirit of treasure seeking, a “clue” was hidden […]


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2019 Winter Newsletter – PAS Book Markers Available Looking for a great stocking stuffer? These beautiful Portsmouth Abbey leather bookmarks will fit perfectly in any stocking. At just $5 each, they’ll make a wonderful holiday gift. You can find them in our bookstore. Happy reading! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 2019 Fall Newsletter- Call to Prayer, Bell , Craig […]

Halloween: Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

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For this year’s Halloween display, the library showcased scary short stories. We selected several collections featuring spooky tales by authors such as Poe, Lovecraft and Jacobs. Halloween-themed bookmarks were placed at the start of some staff favorites, including “The Monkey’s Paw,” “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and “The Dunwich Horror.” Also included in the display were a […]

Famous Readers

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For the Fall 2019 term, the library hosted “Famous Readers.” Our display started with a question: What habit do many successful and influential people have in common? The answer is: They read. A lot. We selected quotes from nine famous people about reading books. Each famous reader also had a clue beneath his or her […]