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Winter 2001-2022 – New Math Books in the Library

The St. Thomas More library is fortunate to have the Norman R. Marcoux Book Fund for the purchase new math or World War II history books. The funds come from an endowment set up by his family when he died in 2013 after teaching math, especially geometry, for over 40 years. He served in the war and was educated at Brown University with the GI bill. He earned a Master in Education with his final degree a Master of Mathematics from Notre Dame.

Eighteen books and one DVD on the display are from these funds including:

The DVD is The man who knew infinity starring Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel, and the books are: Seven games : a human history;   The tyranny of metrics;  The alignment problem : machine learning and human values; Do Dice Play God? : the mathematics of uncertainty;   Shape : the hidden geometry of information, biology, strategy, democracy, and everything else:  Mathematics rebooted : a fresh approach to understanding;   The art of more : how mathematics created civilization;   Algorithms to live by : the computer science of human decisions; The shape of a life : one mathematician’s search for the universe’s hidden geometry; Significant figures : The lives and work of great mathematicians; Journey to the edge of reason : the life of Kurt Gödel ;  9 rules for humans in the age of automation; Algorithms to live by : the computer science of human decisions  ; The computer boys take over : computers, programmers, and the politics of technical expertise  ; The Math of Life & Death : 7 mathematical principles that shape our lives ; If Then : how the Simulmatics Corporation invented the future; Change is possible; stories of women and minorities in mathematics.    (RLS)