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Fall 2021 Donation of Christmas Pop-Up Books

The library has received a donation of 17 Christmas Creche (Nativity) pop-up books from Father Matthew Powell, O.P. of PC. In the past (2004-2005, and 2019, 2020) Father has loaned us his collection of over 75 of these for display during the holiday. He has given us 17 of his duplicates. A few are in Spanish, German and Italian. We will be cataloging these for our small PZ 7 (Juv. book) collection. Since they are fragile,  they can be borrowed by adults for class or by a faculty member or spouse for personal use by contacting the Library Director starting Nov 12. The titles are listed below (R.S.)


The books as listed: 

Nativity Pop-Up Books Donation



Luzzati, Emanuele

Il Presepio

Crespi, Francesca

Make a Joyful Noise

Giraud, S. Louis

The Story of Jesus

Pierce, Martin

Once in Bethlehem

Pienkowski, Jan

The First Noel

Gardner, Alison

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

Cowern, R. T.

The Birth of Jesus

Samuel Lowe Company

Story of the Nativity

Luzzati, Emanuele

Calendario dell’ Avvento

Ferraresso, Luigi

La Piu Bella Storia D’Amore

Tudor, Tasha

A Book of Christmas

Dean’s Publishing

My Baby Jesus

Faulkner, Keith

The Christmas Story

Made in Sweden

Untitled Nativity Scene

Diaz, James Roger

The Nativity

Author Unknown

The Christmas Story

Kulmowej, Joanny

Szopka Krakowska