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Summer 2021 – Full School Library Inventory Completed

During the period of dual on-site and distance learning beginning January 2021,  the library conducted a full school inventory of the over 45, 000 items in the collection. The last full inventory was done by Mrs. Stevens and the then staff in  2006 with some portions (paperbacks and DVDS) also redone in 2014. We added a new mobile, wi-fi enabled scanner to accomplish this. Assistant Librarian Mary Fran Vesey drew up an plan by sections of the library using the part time staff in rotation . Each item sectioned off by LC call number was re-scanned into the system from the shelf location. The remain items were identified as missing . The inventory was officially closed in June 2021. We were able to identify 437 missing (not paid for and lost – borrower had lost so paid to replace) items at the end of the school year. Then, each item was documented as to how useful it still was to the collection (were there similar copies available etc.) and the process of replacing the items was begun.                             (R.S.)