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Fall 2020 Chinese and Indonesian books translated by Alumnus George A. Fowler donated

The library has received a donation of books translated from the Chinese and Indonesian by alumnus author George A. Fowler, Jr. (’63). Mr. Fowler served in Vietnam with the Marines in 1966-1968 and returned to the Southeast Asian region in 1970 to study local languages. He co-authored Pertamina: Indonesian National Oil (1972) and Java; a Garden Continuum (1975). In 2016 he donated to the school library his translation of the novel Old Town (2010) written by Lin Zhe, his first literary translation from Chinese. This was followed in October of last year by another eight other of his translated works from both Chinese and Indonesian, The Golden Road: A Novel of Xiaoping Era China by Zhang Da-Peng, (2012), The Rose Of Cikembang by Kwee Tek-Hoay (2012), Life under Mao Zedong’s Rule by Zhang Da-Peng (2013), The Garden Of Delights & Other Tales by Azhari (2015), What’s Left And Other Poems by Taufik Ikran Jamil (2015), Sukra’s Eyes & Other Tales by Gunawan Maryanto (2015), The Mystical Path of Badrul Mustafa by Heru Joni Putra (2019) and its more complete follow-up edition Will Badrul Mustafa Never Die? —Verse From the Front (2020) Haji Syiah & Other Stories by Ben Sohib (2015) and Islam, Humanity an Indonesian Identity ; Reflections on  History by Ahmad Syafii Maarif (2018) . Mr. Fowler has completed another book-length translation from Chinese. He commented in October,” I will be sending more of my translations over time.” We are very grateful for his generous donation. His Amazon author page is