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Summer 2020 – Preparing the Library for Pandemic Learning

We needed to prepare for opening the library during the pandemic and a hybrid of “in person and on-line learning” was the directive from the administration. So first, after reading and viewing other library floor plans, we removed one half the computers, spacing them 6 feet apart wherever they appeared (student use, computer catalog stations, staff circulation desk areas). Then a plexiglass partition was built and installed around the copious L shaped circulation desk reception area, separating staff from patrons. Holes for book returns and sign out were cut in the tall Plexiglas. Bins were placed to accommodate a 2 day quarantine period for returns and hold items. Student work tables with seating were rearranged and each seating was spaced 6 feet apart.. All tables were supplied with sanitizer and wipes. Masks were to be required at all times and a ready read thermometer was made. We felt fully prepared and opened the first school day. (.R.S.)