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Spring 2020 – Inspirational Lives

Just before Spring school vacation we created a display that would recognize that Pope Francis had acknowledged a miracle in the saintly cause of a 15 year old teenage boy in Italy, Carlo Acutis, who created a religious web site before he died. The bookcase and an additional library shelf was filled with over 50 books and DVDs of the lives of inspirational 20th and 21st century men and women giving the time and sometimes their lives to the service of man or man and God. The lives range from Malala to Melinda Gates, Greg Mortenson to Oskar Schindler, the boys of Sudan to Father Damian the Leper priest. Mrs. Stevens sent a complete list of titles and summaries to students just before school closed. During our current time spent at home reading these about remarkable people can help lift our spirits. She will email it again to anyone wanting to see it. Contact her at                                     (RLS)