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Fall 2019 Call to Prayer, Bell , Craig Drawing

The Monks and faithful on campus are called to the Liturgy of the Office of daily prayer (Matins and Lauds - 5:45 AM  Little Hour - 11:45 AM  Vespers - 5:30 PM  Compline - 7:00 PM)  by the tolling  a large cast bell . Those on campus will notice it especially at 11:45 AM and 5:30 PM. A sketch done in the 1960s was recently found in a book and it shows the bell as it was located on top of the old Church. The illustrator was Edward Craig, a faculty member who taught Spanish beginning in the fall 1948,  and was the  parent of Franklin Craig, Class of 1976.         Brother Joseph explained some details- "The bell was probably cast by the Meneely Bell Company. I was originally installed in the old chapel in 1941, a gift of Father Aelred Wall or his family. It was Christened “St. David.” Psalm 96:1 is quoted around the bottom: “Cantate Domino Canticum Novum.” (Sing to the Lord a new song.) It was moved when the new monastery and  church were built c. 1960. " Below shows the old church and classroom building after its removal.                                                                                                                R.S.)