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Spring 2019- Jumbled Authors

Jumbled Authors Final (2)

Throughout May, the library hosted “JUMBLED AUTHORS.” Each day, the mixed-up name of an author appeared. A small treat was awarded to the first student or faculty member who correctly unscrambled each author’s name. A bonus treat was given to the winner if he/she also named a work by that author. The top student was senior James Brower, who successfully named seven authors. Mr. Soldi led the faculty with ten correct guesses. Other students and faculty members who guessed correctly were Ines Minondo, Riley Carter, Kaitlyn Farah, Jamarya Jackson, Lilias Madden, Maddie Knudson, Laney Rauch, Zack Bartley, Annie St. George, Diana Reno, Katie Pacheco, Mac Macomber, Emma Alexander, Jack Healey, Sean O'Hara, Dr. Rudasill, Mr. Cowan and Father Paschal.