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Winter 2017-2018 Head, Ogden Book Donations

The library has  finished cataloging the books donated by the estate of Thomas Head '74. Professor Head taught history, especially Medieval Studies at a number of colleges. His collection of 648 items and three wooden bookcases were added to the School and Monastery holdings. These additions complement the 123 Medieval Studies books donated by Professor Kathleen Biddick ( an aunt of alumni) during the 2013-14 school year. The library received a donation of a beautifully hand painted antique religious Thai manuscript from the 1800s, donated by Christopher Ogden ’62, in memory of Dom Damian Kearney, O.S.B. ’45. Father Damian was Chris's teacher while he attended the School. ( see exhibits 2016-). Mr. Ogden also gave the school library a collection of 165 books that focused on politics gather during his journalistic career. .       (R.S)