Archived Newsletters

Winter 2009-2010 New Cases for Ancient Items (Vases, Coins), ARTSTOR

Just as School closed last spring, Father Damian helped install some newly created Plexiglas cases created to display the largest of the Greek vases donated by Peter (Class of 1975) and Lily Ferry.  The same cabinet-maker that created the free standing cases was also employed to devise and build a very large mirror-backed and lighted display cabinet for some of the other pieces in this collection. The older tall round case (see the Vases newsletter 2006) was placed in the art seminar room to display non-ancient items. The new handmade wooden cases (one double door, one tall square with glass door and two individual boxes) were all placed in the sitting area of the main library. Thus, the entire collection of authentic pottery and coins are housed together.
Additional, older information on this donation is also located in the More Ancient Items newsletter (2008).

During the spring of 2010 the library started subscriptions to two electronic sources. One, ARTSTOR is a resource similar to JSTOR , which indexes and presents journal articles and visuals in the arts and humanities. (R.S.)