Ravens Covers

The Fall 2008 exhibit coincided with the school's Alumni Weekend. A selection of the cover of the 80 years of The Raven was on display.The Portsmouth abbey School Literary magazine The  Raven comes out once or twice a year and includes short stories, poetry, and drawings. Each cover has been either drawn or photographed by a student. The Raven started in 1927 as a mimeographed newspaper with three issues each term. It contained news about the school and monastery and was augmented by some Student created works. After a few years (1920-1930) other publications developed and became more specialized  thus the Raven became the vehicle to publish literary and artistic works by students. A group was also placed over the computer catalogs for the display. They included a variety of styles chosen by the current editors from over the last 80 years. These were done by Patrick Vaillancourt, '98,  Nicole Beletsky '04,  Tim McKenna '75 and the joint editors of '07.

Raven covers 1Raven covers 2