Bookcase on Wheels, Giegengack Architecture Book Donation, Parent Manory Photographs

The library has received a small old wooden bookcase on wheels to be used for highlighting books on a topic of interest. That bookcase, added this fall, had seen displays of "Prep school" titles, Christmas books, and the titles most recently published about Abraham Lincoln. Peter, Class of '75 and Lily Ferry have generously added more Ancient artifacts to the Greek vase display case. Father Damian has placed them there with appropriate labels. Robert Giegengack, brother of the late Richard Giegengack, Class of '59 has donated his brother's books on art and especially architecture to the library collection. Over 140 new titles were added for the use of students and faculty. To accommodate them, the former microfilm room was re-designed to have bookcases and lounge chairs, thus creating a new second art reading room. Christine Manory, parent of Jack, Class of 2011, displayed a series of photographs in the library foyer during spring of 2008. One wall displayed large black and white floral images, while the other was a series of color images taken at the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport. (R.S)