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Spring 2005- Historical NY Times on-line, Tierney Peace Books Donation

September school year began with a display for the Summer Olympics held in Greece. The school has had students receive gold medals in previous Olympics in sailing. (see exhibits) The library has added the New York Times complete historical database to it's electronic resource collection. This will serve our students doing research in primary source material for the history department's economics, United States history and world history courses. A new library assistant was hired to continue the work of cataloging the monastery collection. The library has just finished cataloging a donation from the Tierney family of Phoenix, Arizona (alumnus Michael, class of 1984). This collection represents the books and (limited) audio material collected by Dr. James Tierney before he died in 2000. The special collection is designated as the Tierney Peace Collection to reflect his many years of college teaching on international politics, including arms control and security, nuclear proliferation, alternative defense, and civil liberties and his directorship as CEO for the Fund for Peace (1977-88) and as a member of the Center for Peace Through Common Security (26 years).In retirement he served as the director for the Alternative Defense Project. Within the collection are works on the Jewish, Episcopalian, Methodist and Catholic bishops' responses to potential nuclear war, various treaty agreements, biographies of national leaders during periods of war, military budgets and atlases, pamphlets from the Asia Society on communism, capitalism, a divided Korea, etc. About 25 titles in the collection were not found in area colleges and universities. There are over 187 books and audios and over 65 magazines in the collection. They are displayed separately although everything is cataloged in our computer system and are available for check out.         (R.S.)