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Fall 2002 – Library Bookplates

Over the years the Abbey school library has received many book donations. To recognize the book donors, bookplates have been designed for placement inside the cover.

One of the early ones, done in woodcut style, shows the Holy Spirit (or the dove of peace) descending from above in red, and containing within its rays a chapel on an island. The sea and chapel are black, thus using the school colors. Printed in block text is written “Ex libris scholae S. Gregorii Magi, Portsumuthensis”. John Howard Benson (1901-1956) of Newport designed the bookplate in the 1930’s when we were identified as Portsmouth Priory. It is named “Church on the Island”. His granddaughter, Abby S. Benson, was a member of the first class at the school to graduate females in 1992. The current donor bookplate, designed by faculty member, Donald McGuire, Sr. (1919-1986), shows the church of St. Gregory the Great at the Abbey, with the classroom building off to the left, done in maroon, on cream. It is presented as a sketch. It was done in the early 1980¹s when Don was the chairman of the art department.

When Don died his family set up a library book fund with monetary donations and proceeds from the sale of prints. For the special art books purchased with these funds, a bookplate designed in 1986 by Eileen, his wife and daughter Ellen, is used. The dove of peace, holding an olive branch is inscribed in a circle.

Dr. and Mrs. Peter Mogayzel, parents of Dr. Peter Mogayzel, class of 1979, and cousin of William ’02, also has an endowed book fund in memory of Elias D. Mogayzel. A bookplate designed by Kathryn, William’s mother, is placed within those books.

Most recently a bookplate was used for inclusion in a gift book given to the graduates  by alumnus Tom Healey’60. For this special bookplate their very talented classmate, Ginny Yang, ’02 incorporated the raven and “Veritas” school symbols in her work.