Archived Newsletters

Fall 2001 -PAS 75th  Anniversary, Veteran’s Day

In conjunction with the Portsmouth Abbey School 75th anniversary weekend in September, a large display was mounted in the library. On display were books written by alumni, faculty and parents of alumni. Father Damian brought memorabilia from the early years of the school for the glass display case, including diplomas and commencement lists from the 1930s, many pictures of the first campus and the subsequent changes, and portraits of our founders and of early students and faculty. Hundreds of artifacts were dispersed in the building's display areas for the first term, which many returning alumni enjoyed. Later, Veterans Day was commemorated by adding additional photographs to the display of the School's fallen alumni who served in wars. Also included was a portrait of our Portsmouth Priory Benedictine monk Father Lawrence McGinn, O.S.B., who became a chaplain in World War II and continued to serve in the military after the war. A war memorial had been placed in the side chapel of St. Basil in the Abbey church. The stone tablets were designed and carved by sculptor John Hegegauer. Depiction of the memorial was included in the display case. A card was made of the plague to remember those who have died was included                                                            (R.S.) Veterans The current display is of the wood-turned bowls and cups, created by Abbey Sixth Former Michael Kroger. Michael began his hobby in August of last year. One early piece, beautifully done in beech wood, was made from a felled Abbey tree. He uses many different woods and styles. The bowls will then move to join others in the student art exhibit in the art building. The case even smells lovely! The wood he uses now comes from all of the world. Two new additions have been made to the many artworks  housed in the library. A seascape titled, "Surging Waters-Ogunquit, Maine," was done by late-nineteenth-century American impressionist oil painter William Otis Swett, Jr., who lived in New England. Secondly, an antique secular tapestry depicting an idyllic garden scene, which measures 14 x 18 inches, was installed. Its height requires that it hang on a high wall . The William Heysman Overland (1851-1898) piece, "Soccer Game" has been moved. Following an exhibit of his works in the Art Building, Jose Soares, father of Sixth Former Philipe, has donated a large canvas of the harbor of Ponte Delgada in the Azores to the School. It has now been placed in the lobby of the Burden Classroom building, at the base of the stairs leading to the St. Thomas Moore Library.                        (R.S.)